I don't know about this new Céline Pre-Fall 2013 collection, meaning...I have always been a huge fan of the house, way before Philo took over. But even as much as I adore Phoebe, I was kind of bored with all Céline collections. It's probably because I'm not really a Céline girl or maybe it was too conservative or too old for me. I don't know. Maybe most of the looks seem like they're made for really rail-thin tall tall TALL model-y girls with strawberry complexions. This...I am not. :) But for the Pre-Fall collection I noticed a lot of the things I love about Phoebe's design aesthetic...that slouchy chic giant shoe girl. That really rich princess teen girl. And I love it. The first thought I had was that she insisted on having some big-ass shoes in the collection and even though in the past they might have said no...she fought tooth and nail to have them in this one. This is all a daydream, though. And a funny one at that. But it does make me very much want to see what the Fall 2013 collection will yield.

that is just a great look. she looks like an art gallery girl or a fashion girl or a princess socialite girl. definitely a great looking dressed girl. love the shoes, esp!

is that supposed to be some kind of arabic or indian princess head thing going on? i don't get that. but i love the peplum top.

that look and girl are totally believable.

i love it all except i don't know about that gigantic witchy belt. you can't be small and wear that giant belt.

really cute and chic. that skirt would be a dress on girls who aren't 10-feet tall.

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