I don't know who is actually styling these lookbooks for Rochas, but there's something in all of these collections that speaks to me, draws me in and makes me want more...even though I don't necessarily dress this way even if I wanted to because I'm pretty petite. I just love their casting and makeup and those little bits they top the models' heads with. In this collection, I especially love love LOVE those black glam rock boots! There's just something very New York (even though the designer isn't a New Yorker nor is the brand a New York brand) about these looks. Unbeknownst to people who have never been there or lived there (in NYC), there's a very distinct grittiness amid the perfect little hairdos (and do nots), especially in the winter. It's something I miss so much about New York and can't find at all in sunny Los Angeles. These photos from the Rochas 2013 Pre-Fall lookbook make me feel like bundling up on a crisp 25-degree morning after picking up a coffee from the corner deli (where they put the cream and sugar in your coffee for you...something else I love about New York), and taking a walk into chilly Central Park. That's how you know a designer has made a good collection...there's a romance to it that surpasses any desire to appease the industry. (And, yes...I also enjoy that little bit of Bowie-blue shadow.)

those boots...those beautiful wonderful amazing boots!!!

who's that girl? chic chic chic...

dear boot fairy...

 i have a cashmere coat that looks almost exactly like this. i haven't worn it in a while but this makes me want to.

interesting pre-fall addition.

i love that sweater and those loafers...this is very grunge a la marc jacobs to me.

more tuesday tailor ♥ tom ford sunglasses

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