Hey darlings....here is the new post from our (now regular Nancy Girl contributor) guest blogger and amazing stylist that I worked with numerous times when I was with Oyster magazine (and others)...MASAYO KISHI...

Happy New Year!

I hope you all is doing well in 2013!  Here is my new work to share with you; finally it's out in the public! This is my Paris shoot which I worked on last year for BIG magazine and irisvanherpen.com. We shot it inside of an old theater, so you can't really tell we're in Paris. Hopefully next time I'll be able to shoot the on location in Paris (where you can actually tell it's Paris). 

The photographer is my favorite duo, Iolex. They created beautiful theatrical lighting per usual. Iolex' works are tasteful. Our model Suzie Bird was beautifully androgynous and has the perfect figure for Iris van Herpen.

All the Iris van Herpen pieces I worked with from this collection were heavy but very delicate and fragile at the same time. They were like one-of-kind museum pieces, obviously not easy to carry/handle. You can imagine my preparation in Paris prior to the shoot. It was not glamorous at all.

Iris' collection has been shot on celebrities like Bjork and Lady Gaga and for numerous high-end fashion magazines including  W, Vogue…too many to list…but you can check their blog here. So I was very lucky to have several looks for my shoot. 

Actually, I don't get to work with such a creative artistic designer like Iris often for my shoots in New York City. I was very impressed by her craftsmanship, and it reconfirmed (to myself) why I got into fashion back in the day/in the first place. Because a lot of these fast-fashion and fashion e-commerce companies confuse me and make me question if this is my ideal (fashion) industry...I was dreaming about this: how, again, I believe it takes time (as in a long time in a career) to make great creations no matter what you do or make...to reach a certain high level of creativity. How many times/often do you/will you truly impress people with your creativity (and creations)?  This is how I felt at this time.

Masayo Kishi

Iris van Herpen for BIG magazine from ioulex on Vimeo.

BIG magazine presents: IRIS VAN HERPEN
directed and photographed by ioulex
starring Iris van Herpen and Suzie Bird @ Elite Paris
styling by Masayo Kishi
make-up by Tatsu Yamanaka
hair by Stephane Bodin for Bumble and Bumble
photographer assistant Christophe Lomenech
stylist assistant Morgane Caux

Head pieces  by Phillip Tracy for Iris van Herpen 
music by Gang Gang Dance
"Blue Nile" and "Vacuum" from the album Saint Dymphna
courtesy The Social Registry & Gang Gang Dance
written by Bougatsos / Degraw / Deutsch / Dewit
published by Warp Music Publishing
filmed at Le Sentier des Halles in Paris and Iris van Herpen's atelier in Amsterdam

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