THIS IS A RE-POST FROM 2011 BECAUSE MICHELLE OBAMA HAD THE GREAT SENSE OF STYLE TO WEAR THOM BROWNE DURING THE INAUGURATION! If you want to see the other post, scroll down or click HERE. It seems like no one knows who Thom Browne is and they think he doesn't do anything for women...well THEY'RE WRONG. Read the rest of my Michelle Obama Thom Browne comments on the other post here! Yea for Thom Browne!!! You've arrived, Sir!!!

re-post from 2011 on Nancy Girl! woohoo!

WOW.... THOM BROWNE !!! Finally...FINALLY....a clothing brand that wants to have some fun with fashion and the fashion show this season! Just check out the images from his SPRING SUMMER 2012 SHOW! First of all, just look at the models' faces...that says it all. They look like they're having a blast. Second...how ironic that he's showing a lot of 30s and maybe a bit of 20s flapper fashion...that was also a time when we had a depression in there...(depression/recession...same difference). I know these looks crazy and quirky on the runway....but there are plenty of pieces that you will undoubtedly see on the real body and on the real rack. It's that good of a collection. Thom Browne also chose to show at the New York Library...a very iconic place in the city. And let's take our hats off to his 20s-Parisian-lesbian vibe. It's very obvious and I think he said something to that effect in an interview, too. It's a gorgeous collection. It's a fun show. I love the styling. I love the fun. And there's even a Wednesday Bag in there, too. (These are photographs, but they easily easily look like fashion illustrations came to life!)♡

crazy and fun!
crazy. love it.

i love this entire look.
this looks like a fashion illustration came to life!
ysl le smoking or 1920s lesbian...or both?

there's the WEDNESDAY BAG!
can you say FASHION?


more wednesday bag ♥ sylvia toledano

images from style.com

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