Amy Davis and Jon Moritsugu just sent me the brand new video for their band LOW ON HIGH (which I LOVE so much and you will, too!). In case you're new to the blog and haven't seen/read the loads of amazing posts about these two (they are creators to the extreme and everything they create is amazing or as Amy would say, "AMAZEBALLS!"), Jon Moritsugu is a seasoned cult filmmaker (he's actually bigger than cult, but I like to say cult because like....Warhol was also cult)...and Amy Davis...if you are into fashion and do not know who Amy Davis is then I have to say you're probably a poser! :) JK. BUT Amy has had her hand in fashion and art (on its own and related to fashion) for a long while successfully (and respectfully)....she knows her shit. She's someone who might MIGHT MIGHT MIGHT offer advice and if she does...I take it and listen to it and follow it. Just look at her gorgeous amazing self and style in the video (she has the glasses on). 

What's the sound of their band? They describe it like this: "When you take too much acid and you can't come down and you start to think the walls are Pac Man eating blue guys with a heavy dose of summer rain and hot pizza." YEP. :D

I think they're working on a new record....but you can get their current record HERE and follow Amy's fantastic fashion and foodie blog HERE. Subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE and their Facebook HERE.

Happy Sunday! xx ♡

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