YEA! One of the favorite things I received for Christmas was from Laura Mercier, which I am fully coveting now. I want a slew of the bath and body products, but I was super excited to get the Crème de Pistache Soufflé Body Crème...which is a super luxe body cream in a very subtle but rich pistachio cream scent. For me, it smells like a pistachio macaroon. A fancy one. The cream feels amazing on my skin and lasts and the moisturizing factor is amazing. The packaging is gorgeous from the box to the fancy glass bottle (which is always good because you can recycle them easily and they look so pretty in your bathroom). I want to get some of the Almond Coconut Milk and Crème Brulée items next (in addition to some more of the makeup which I am now trying out and LOVING). 

The site says, "Vitamins A, C and E are powerful antioxidants that smooth and protect the skin and Pistachio Butter moisturizes the skin...". Indeed.

If you're interested in this body cream, you can sometimes pick them up in affordable smaller travel size gift packs. But I was lucky enough to get the full size bottle/jar. My only complaint is that my nose is kind of used to it already...if that makes sense. I can hardly smell the pistachio anymore. :( What to do? AND I am a bit confused. I thought LM was a French brand? It's a bit strange for me to think about $60 for a body cream that's not made in France...when I thought this entire time it was made in France. Non?

This body cream is $55 for 12 oz./300g jar. And available here (if you order from the Laura Mercier site, they usually have some great offer or gift with purchase or free shipping!)...

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