Exciting news...the new album from Amy Davis and Jon Moritsugu's band LOW ON HIGH is out now! It's their second album (for this band) and it's called ICE CREAM SEX! You can buy it and hear previews of the songs on AMAZON or ITUNES...I'm currently waiting for my copy (yea!), but I did get a chance to preview the songs on Amazon and I think I love this album even more than the last one! There's something very nostalgic (I don't know if nostalgic is the right word, but you get what I mean) about LOW ON HIGH for me...my favorite bands growing up were mainly garage punk rock or LA new wave bands...they sounded raw and radical and the girls were always sexy as hell. Hardly anyone makes records like that anymore. Everything sounds so computerized, which is probably why I still love Heavy Metal and Punk so much. Aside from their songs and brilliance, I also really love Amy's voice...I told her the other day that I think of Traci Lords (the porn star...when she was very young...like in "Cry-Baby"...that awesome John Waters film starring Johnny Depp) every time I listen to one of their albums. :) And they agreed. :) There's something very naughty about it and the lyrics and that teamed with their energetic fun is what makes it a winner. They've received loads of great press already...you can see some of it here (their write up is right next to The Yeah Yeah Yeah's and The Black Angels)! SEE IT HERE: http://alibi.com/music/44486/Sonic-Reducer.html

In addition to their new album coming out, they had a lot of stuff going on. Their latest film, PIG DEATH MACHINE, was part of the Chicago Underground Film Festival (their films are coveted and cult and very well known)...and while they attended the festival, they also decided it was time to play a show to celebrate...

amazing shot by THEA LUJAN

So, just like I asked Amy to do a guest blog when they were nominated for a Grammy (!), I again asked her to do some blogging about this Chi-Town adventure.....and she did. There will also be a part 2 of this post where we do a giveaway for the new record! YEA!♥

the flier from the Chicago show during the Chicago Underground Film Festival


LOW ON HIGH LIVE in CHICAGO at the 20th CHICAGO UNDERGROUND FILM FESTIVAL playing at TOWNSHIP...Below shots are by Charles Pinion... LA based underground filmmaker and all around sweet guy...



And now for the stuff of REAL INTEREST>>>>What I wore to the PIG DEATH PREEEM.... Stella BITCHES!!!!

But the red lips turned blue and I did obnoxious tangerine glitter on my peepers....Plus a SOFT MUSEUM "8 bit" feather earring....and my FLYING PIG RING...cuz ya gotta believe...

We got a STANDING O! We won that BIG ASS AWARD...all in all it was THE BEST FILM FEST EXPERIENCE EVER! Along with chowing on duck fat frites...it was truly the raddest.

Other pixxx...Jon in front of THE LOGAN theatre....where they had major martinis, cutie pie fest staffers  and lotsa comfy sofas...mmmmmm mmm

Me and Jonny Jon Jon at the Q and A of PIG DEATH MACHINE with Festival director Bryan Wendorf...I have DEVIL CRAZY EYES!!!!

Me at the hotel wearing again...SOFT MUSEUM's SYRINGE and my all time fave scrunchie (I SHIT U NOT!)...seconds after we arrived in Chicago

POST SCREENING me bribing underground film writer honcho extraordinaire Jack Sargeant.

AND in CLOSING....my FAVE CHICAGO CAB MOMENT....I had to pay the 50 bux like 3 times...

Hope you are having a fab spring, gorgeous! XOXOOXOXO Amylish

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I love this. I have no idea who initially created this, BUT IT RULES! Groovy...

Here are some tunes to play if you feel she needs them...♥


I have another post I am going to put up...but last night I saw this new video by YouTube beauty guru THE BEAUTY PROFESSOR (the lovely Rachel Anise) about doing your makeup for a job interview. I do love her makeup and I love it when makeup is there, and it's not totally bare, but it looks...effortless. Plus, who doesn't love all the posh bits she uses from her cosmetics collection? :) I had to post this...because even though I'm a bit lucky in that I can be very casual if I want to for my type of career, I still have a lot of moments where I'm panicked because of the hot weather and/or the hot weather that might break down my morning masterpiece. It's nerve wracking when you're getting ready for an interview...no matter how cool or successful you are. And she's right, you get your nerves going and somehow the makeup sometimes just starts to look...freaky. My favorite and prob one of my most successful interviews came from a huge agency...but I didn't have time to think. They literally asked me to come down within an hour. I had to get up, throw something casual on because I was riding my bike (it was in Portland, Oregon where everyone rides bikes) and touch up my face and jet. It was great, I got in, I felt and looked good. But...there have been a few interviews where the employer has been very excited to meet me...but, by the time I went in, I was nervous, uncomfortable and really worried about my face. I never used to have to interview. Ever. And I used to like jeans and sneakers and natural (I mean totally natural) makeup. But these days I want to be more dressed up and glamorous. I want to have a "polished" face as Rachel explains. I think everyone should watch this. I mean, she is a professor in real life, she is gorgeous and she does do good face. AND, PS...I've never been interested in the Beauty Blender...until I watched the below video. She makes me want to buy so many makeup goods!

I also have some new makeup dupes that I love love. As well as my thoughts on Alpha-H Liquid Gold (now that I've finished it) and some other bits from Lierac that I want to share my thoughts on now that the products are done.♥

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I really cannot believe I never ever saw the movie "Say Anything" starring John Cusack and Ione Skye...until yesterday. I'm probably the only person on the planet who didn't know what that Peter Gabriel "In Your Eyes" scene where he's holding the boombox above his head meant. I have no idea why I never saw it. I don't think it was ever on TV like some of the other films were...over and over and over (esp "Some Kind of Wonderful" which I  love). So I finally did it and watched it and it was good. It was a typical teen love crush heartache heartbreak 80's kind of film. I would have probably put it in my top ten film list  had I seen it when I was 13. But seeing it now, I kept thinking how beautiful Ione Skye was...(John Cusack is a genius actor and it was cool to see him again in something new...plus, Jeremy Piven of "Mr. Selfridge" (love that show) and "Entourage" has a tiny role, too...though he looks pretty much the same now as he did then). So I thought (since I could not find a full film video to post up), I'd post the trailer and include some lovely pics of Ione Skye. As far as I remember, she married and divorced my favorite Beastie Boy Ad-Rock. I remember seeing their photos in teen magazines. She was with Anthony Kiedis (Red Hot Chili Peppers frontman) before that. I think she's now married to Ben Lee (who used to be with Clare Danes).  I also think she's the sister of hottie Donovan Leitch (who is married to old-school model Kirsty Hume) and the daughter of 60's folk singer Donovan. (She actually looks a lot like her dad...click his name and see how much.) She is such a timeless beauty. I see her look in so many campaigns and shoots and films, still, to this day. ♥

she's so pretty in "say anything"

with john cusack in say anything

this could be any girl today.

her brother and babe donovan leitch and his wife former model kristy hume (i used to love her)

with red hot chili peppers frontman anthony kiedis...they look so happy together in every photo i saw of them.

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I received this book a long time ago now...well, at least three or four months ago...and I still haven't finished going through it. It's called CHANEL AND HER WORLD and it's really like a miniature encyclopedia of all things Chanel (yum!). I've mentioned before that I have a pretty large library of Chanel books (been collecting since I was a teenager) which includes some out-of-print books that have photos I have never seen in any other publication...until now. If you want to see every detail and read every detail and know how she came up with those buttons and that logo and her love of pearls and and and and...this is the book for you. It's very thick and loaded with references, posters, history of the era, very personal photos of Chanel (even scandalous morning shots of the fellows and their mistresses eating breakfast in their pajamas). It's just fantastic. See some internal shots below...you can order it here (it's kind of expensive).♥

the lining paper is gorgeous.

this is lotte, my little dog, asleep. just a little bonus. :)

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What a genius Alexander Herchcovitch is. I'm so happy I was able to attend a lot of his shows and go backstage while I was in New York. He won me over instantly. I just love his work. Above is his latest show for Summer 2014 from Fashion Rio. LOVE it...

Please forgive me for all these late posts. I am so ill right now. I had to force myself to type this up. I'm going to sleep right now after I post this. xx♥

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I didn't update my post yesterday, so I'll just do one separately today for the makeup stuff I wanted to revisit. I have had the worst allergies ever this season and right now I am fighting a really bad sinus infection...please send good vibes that I feel better by the time I go to bed tonight so I can be perky and happy in the morning for my interview (! more on that later!)...

But I wanted to revisit a couple of products I have written about and kind of forgot about or wasn't super thrilled about them at first...though now I get it and understand what I needed to do. They're products I am pretty much loving as of this moment. 

First is Nars Sheer Glow foundation. Everyone has written about this and talked about it and reviewed it. I bought it thinking I would be loving it, as I have super dry and sensitive skin. But...I wasn't super excited about the look or the color of it. So it went back in it's box and I didn't really use it for a long time. Lately, however, I've been on a mission to use up the foundations that I'm not in love with now that I know which products I like (over a year ago, my fave foundation that I had used for years and years got discontinued...and I went on a mission to find a new HG base). Not too long ago, I watched one of the newer Lisa Eldridge foundation series vids (if you haven't seen these, go watch them...they are great and she's very nice on the eyes and soothing on the ears), and she really re-iterated that it was best to start with a THIN layer of foundation and then add more THIN layers rather than slapping on a thicker batch to cover up imperfections. I was intrigued. I guess I missed that direction in her other vids or somehow it did not register. I decided to try this method with the Nars Sheer Glow in Fiji. I applied smooth THIN layers. The results were very different for me than my past applications. The color even looked better. It lasted longer. And you could hardly see the foundation. So now I am really enjoying it, though I don't think I will repurchase after it's done as I love my Revlon Colorstay (for dry skin) and my Asian-brand foundations and BB creams so much more (on the list to try is def the Amore Pacific compact that The Beauty Professor reviewed recently...she sold me!). 

Another product I recently bought (thanks for Josh Collier) was Maybelline's Define-A-Brow which is supposedly a dupe for Mac's brow pencils (the ones Charlotte Tilbury always uses). I couldn't find the right color the first time (medium brown is supposed to be a dupe for Mac's Lingering). I bought the color light brown first. But I wasn't so in love with it. After a long while, I finally found the Maybelline pencil in medium brown...and it's awesome! The color is perfect. It looks so natural on a darker brow. And it's only $6. I am a fan. :)

So def try the pencil out if you're in the market for a new one or you don't want to pay $25 for the Mac pencil because it runs out so quickly. And if you have your Nars Sheer Glow just sitting there collecting dust, whip it out and start with THIN THIN layers. Build it up that way, as Lisa says to do. And let me know what you think. 


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I just picked up a couple little things from the store today...and I'll add those bits here (I've mentioned them before) a little later today. But I am stoked because I just got confirmation for something really fun and exciting! I will share it with you on the day it happens! Woohoo! Or maybe the night before. I don't want to get ahead of myself. But if you have been following my tweets on either @nancygirlblog or @ezzebarbazette (my book's twitter account), then you might know a bit more (hmmmm....did I actually spill the beans there? I'm so pooped out right now that I don't even know! :)

So stay tuned, follow me on twitter (the widget is there on the right, lovelies) so you'll know when I update this blog post! 

Until later....xxx♥ 

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This is from a movie I've been trying to find to load up here from 1923 called "FLAMING YOUTH"...it's supposedly one of the very very first films showcasing this "new" flapper movement/scene...it's also silent, which I love because the glamour in silent films is amazing...they have to rely on a lot more because the film is in black and white and there is no sound. So you end up seeing lots of texture and STYLE. You will LOVE this. Look at the vanity! Amazing!♥

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Amazing gorgeous mermaid-ish story that is done so well, I want to be her! I love all the sparklies and the backdrop and the model. Just another gorgeous fresh story from an awesome magazine, MATERIAL GIRL issue 21 (on sale now!...DEAR MATERIAL...PLZ SEND ME YOUR MAGAZINE AS IT'S A BITCH TO FIND IT HERE!) (I'm also going to do a feature post on Marie Zucker, too, because I love her photos!)♥

photographed by Marie Zucker
styled by Christiane Schwambach
model Hannah Kuessner

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I just had to post this editorial as well as another one for the Saturday post because they're both so gorgeous! I think I should pitch them. I've never properly pitched them before (as a writer/contributor), but I think I should. Because I just love love their magazine. I love Lula, too...but upon research I think Lula ripped Material Girl off right down to the tag line...(Material Girl's is "MY LUXURY DIARY" and Lula's is "GIRL OF MY DREAMS"...they're not the same, but they're the same vibe. I still love Lula, but I love love Material Girl magazine, too.

Anyway...here is a lovely story from an older issue. But no matter, it's still lovely as ever. I'll look for the credits and add them when I find them. I'll be posting up another story that's sort of mermaid-y (!) from the current issue. Stay tuned!♥

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