I received this book a long time ago now...well, at least three or four months ago...and I still haven't finished going through it. It's called CHANEL AND HER WORLD and it's really like a miniature encyclopedia of all things Chanel (yum!). I've mentioned before that I have a pretty large library of Chanel books (been collecting since I was a teenager) which includes some out-of-print books that have photos I have never seen in any other publication...until now. If you want to see every detail and read every detail and know how she came up with those buttons and that logo and her love of pearls and and and and...this is the book for you. It's very thick and loaded with references, posters, history of the era, very personal photos of Chanel (even scandalous morning shots of the fellows and their mistresses eating breakfast in their pajamas). It's just fantastic. See some internal shots below...you can order it here (it's kind of expensive).♥

the lining paper is gorgeous.

this is lotte, my little dog, asleep. just a little bonus. :)

more saturday stuff ♥ moschino pets

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