I get asked a lot about magazines because I was an editor and writer for some of the best for years and years (I started really young...while I was still in college). People ask me what I buy now and what my favorite magazines are. And frankly...there are very few that I ever run out to the newsstand to get. One of the lessons I learned in journalism school was the sign of a successful magazine was if you were dying to get the new issue. As in...you cannot wait for the next issue to come out. I think most magazines are incredibly boring these days. I don't know when anything new will happen. BUT BUT BUT...having said that, the two I love so much and do ache for are Material Girl (which I have featured on here many times) and Lula (which I am still wanting to write for...I think they should do a Heavy Metal issue and feature my novel! THAT would be a dream!). Take for example Lula's Spring/Summer 2013 issue which just came out featuring model Codie Young on the cover (I also love Codie Young, despite how weirdly thin she is...but you can tell it's natural...she's an alien and belongs on the same planet as Bowie)...it's absolutely amazing, gorgeous, I want to dress like that, do my makeup like that, stare at the pages every day. I haven't actually picked up this issue yet (and I hope I can find it because Lula tends to sell out quickly), but I will. Oh you bet I will.♥

one of two covers.

very strange cover. but i love it.

of course this amazing look is all red valentino.

more tuesday tailor ♥ markus lupfer

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