I have another post I am going to put up...but last night I saw this new video by YouTube beauty guru THE BEAUTY PROFESSOR (the lovely Rachel Anise) about doing your makeup for a job interview. I do love her makeup and I love it when makeup is there, and it's not totally bare, but it looks...effortless. Plus, who doesn't love all the posh bits she uses from her cosmetics collection? :) I had to post this...because even though I'm a bit lucky in that I can be very casual if I want to for my type of career, I still have a lot of moments where I'm panicked because of the hot weather and/or the hot weather that might break down my morning masterpiece. It's nerve wracking when you're getting ready for an interview...no matter how cool or successful you are. And she's right, you get your nerves going and somehow the makeup sometimes just starts to look...freaky. My favorite and prob one of my most successful interviews came from a huge agency...but I didn't have time to think. They literally asked me to come down within an hour. I had to get up, throw something casual on because I was riding my bike (it was in Portland, Oregon where everyone rides bikes) and touch up my face and jet. It was great, I got in, I felt and looked good. But...there have been a few interviews where the employer has been very excited to meet me...but, by the time I went in, I was nervous, uncomfortable and really worried about my face. I never used to have to interview. Ever. And I used to like jeans and sneakers and natural (I mean totally natural) makeup. But these days I want to be more dressed up and glamorous. I want to have a "polished" face as Rachel explains. I think everyone should watch this. I mean, she is a professor in real life, she is gorgeous and she does do good face. AND, PS...I've never been interested in the Beauty Blender...until I watched the below video. She makes me want to buy so many makeup goods!

I also have some new makeup dupes that I love love. As well as my thoughts on Alpha-H Liquid Gold (now that I've finished it) and some other bits from Lierac that I want to share my thoughts on now that the products are done.♥

more makeup monday ♥ monotone romantics

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