Recently The Beauty Professor (Rachel Anise) shared some of her current fave products and one of them was a lip treatment by LipFusion. She's the only one besides Lisa Eldridge who's ever talked about these products on YouTube. Well, the only other person I've seen. I told her (Rachel) that I, too, love this brand and their products. I own about 4 or 5 of the lip colors, which are called MICRO-COLLAGEN LIP PLUMP COLOR SHINE...they're really lip glosses that plump your lips up. Mind you...I hate lip gloss. I don't like how it looks or feels. I think it can look disgusting on the the wrong lips or with the wrong formula. But the LIPFUSION glosses are rich, lovely, nice, chic. And they actually do plump my lips up a bit. My favorites are the colors SUGAR, which I don't really use on its own. I use it at the beginning of my makeup and it plumps up my lips and then I apply my lip product at the end of my makeup regime. It's a very sheer nude. The next color I love love love is DREAM, a totally 70's mauve-y browny color. I do wear this on its own and it looks really chic. No shimmer at all. Which is why I love it. The third favorite is called SEXY. I just pulled this out to use now that we're fully in spring. It's a sheer popsicle red color. The shade is gorgeous and I have to say I love it a hundred times more than my Chanel lip gloss, which I hardly ever used and now it's rancid. :( The other things is the packaging...it's gorgeous and elegant (they should look nice for a $40 lip gloss!). If you feel like trying these, by all means do. I doubt you'll be disappointed. I'm not. I mean, I own five (I have doubles of Dream and Sugar). They're available here. ♥

top to bottom: sexy, dream and sugar...you can see which one has been tossed around my makeup bag for a while now.

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