Sorry for this quick post...just a snapshot of my currents favorites....do you see a theme here? There are more, but I threw these in my makeup bag and thought I'd put up quick post about them. I've been glued to CNN...I mean, what is going on? It feels like chaos when I see all the crazy crazy CRAZY stuff happening right now. I feel like it got really big and crazy really quick. I feel so bad for people who had to deal with those recent events. So scary. 

On another (happier) note, there are also some super cool things happening. I will share once I can and it's all done and I know it happened. There are also a couple of awesome guest blog posts coming up. But until then...here are my favorites right now...some of them. Please keep safe!!!! 

NYC nail polish in Plaza Plumberry...I still love this color. It looks like dark ink on my nails which I love because I'm a writer.
Below it is Revlon nail polish in Totally Toffee...I still love love love this, too. But I suspect there will be a new love soonish. 
Korres Pressed Compact Powder...This box is so pretty. Very chic. It broke at the hinge inside because the mirror props up I think. But I like it. And the powder is nice. Plus, they use good ingredients. 
LIPFUSION Micro-Injected Collagen Lip Plump...I love that this is an expensive lip pump but actually the color is amazing. It's so 70's chic. Oh, the color is DREAM. And it is.
Jemma Kidd Make Up School lipstick in Cleopatra. This is very very vampire. Very dark. And on the other side is a vitamin e stick, methinks. I don't know if they still make this. I have had mine for a long time. I interviewed her for Oyster when she first launched her makeup line. I love her stuff. I own a lot, but I don't use them all the time. 
Rimmel's Kate Matte Lipstick in the color 109. OMG I love this color so much. 
Back on top is a new addition...Rimmel Scandaleyes eyeliner in Taupe. OMG this is amazing. It's the perfect taupe and it looks amazing on. It looks expensive. I think Rimmel is killing it. Their recent product additions have been as good as really high end stuff that I love love. The other ones are the same thing in Nude, which I also wrote about and the eyeshadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze, which I am addicted to. 
The next one is my current favorite eyeshadow palette. They're all so russet and rusty and chocolate. This was a random find at the dollar store!
The cool little compact is Becca's eye creme color...a very oyster-y pink/silver sheen color. Amazing. But the label has worn off. So I am guessing it's called Quartz. 
The last is a blush I love from Paula Dorf called Baby Face. The most perfect peachy matte blush. 

That's all for now...stay safe!!!!xxxx♥

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