the master himself in one of my favorite looks ever.
 So in collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, Selfridges has put together an amazing tribute to one of rock's super icons, David Bowie, with a concept store dedicated to all things Bowie! It's titled DAVID BOWIE IS ALL YOURS. What a genius idea and a genius cross promotion of designers and collections! In addition to that, eccentric makeup heroes Illamasqua have also joined in with their creative director, Alex Box, heading up some makeup classes that showcase some of Bowie's iconic looks! (Are you f-ing kidding me??? How amazing!) There are old and new collections for sale...the new are bits and pieces and some new designer pieces that look very Bowie. And then the old is curated by LA vintage gods from Decades from Los Angeles, with designer looks of the past that look like they came out of Bowie's closet in the 1970's! These are the kinds of genius idea for marketing and fun that I love in fashion. Everyone is so focused on social media, but you have to actually get into the store to see this. Genius. Just like Bowie himself. ♥

i would love to get my paws onto this rack!

more friday fantasy ♥ neneh cherry

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