I had to test out a couple of the new Rimmel bits that have surfaced on every (good) beauty blog lately...I think Rimmel is killing it when it comes to drugstore cosmetics. 

I recently found both at the same shop, which shocked me because they've been sold out everywhere. 

The first item is the Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeshadow stick in Bad Girl Bronze. I had to try this after Ruth Crilly kept going on about it. And she has everything top notch (including Tom Ford) to test it against. This bronze color is a lot more rich and smooth and has a little bit of a reddish thing to it. It's super luxe looking on the eyes...it's very different from any of my other bronze eyeshadows. The fact that it comes in a crayon form and takes about 2 minutes to actually apply (I draw a somewhat generous amount on and then smudge it out with a little blending brush) makes it a true winner. That the color looks absolutely high-end as any Armani shadow would look makes it a double winner. 

i smudge mine out a lot (a lot!) more than this!

bad girl bronze on the bottom.

The next one is just a necessity that I haven't felt I could fork out a lot for from a high-end brand because it's just a....nude colored eyeliner pencil used to line the lower waterline if you need to open up the eyes or look a little more awake after a night of partying. Thanks to the genius of Rimmel, they have one now and it's amazing, compares to the Chanel HG nude pencil and only costs $5 or less at the drugstore! WINNER! (Now I just need to land the same one is Taupe!)

Take a shot at these two. They are well well worth it. I'm trying to locate their Apocalips products, too. They look amazing!♥

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