When I first moved to New York, around 10 years ago now, I was super excited that now I'd be able to attend all the fashion gigs I was always invited to but could never go (because I was on the opposite coast...I did manage to fly in a few times, but there are so so many events going on all the time...you just need to live there). And I remember during my second or third fashion week season getting a really amazing invite that I was super thrilled about. It was to attend the Lilly Pulitzer show, but not only that...I was also invited to go backstage. For me, Lilly Pulitzer has always been an icon from an era I love and a look I love...that lady-like beach-y Miami loungewear that can be worn to a tea party. It was also very much an American version of the Pucci prints I also love (Pucci of course is also very big in Palm Beach). All those yellow, teal, (and my favorite) pink and green prints. Perfect with a dark tan. Lilly Pulitzer is a label I myself as well as all of my vintage-collecting friends covet and love. And no doubt it will now be booming with the news of her passing. I hope I find a new piece soon. Something I can wear this summer in honor of her. You can read more about her passing and life here. :(♥

lilly pulitzer

yes...lilly did all those crazy palm beach shirts and suits with those crazy prints for men, too.
a photo from one of the lilly pulitzer boutique interiors...so rad!
another image from the same boutique
a rack of lilly pulitzer prints

more saturday stuff ♥ a heavy metal novel by me

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