Let's just do this as a picture story...it was really relaxing (for the most part) and truly inspirational for my creative head. I am also brainstorming some beauty or candy ideas or something I can do with the natural resources there (like all the fruit and natural herbs and trees, etc)...

when the sun starts going down behind us, i always think this mountain or hill looks like the pyramids in egypt. it actually glows.

my little lotte chilling out in the sun.

one of the neighbors has a collection of old windmills...amazing. it looks totally magical here.

it's just so pretty here.
some of the family animals including ginger the cow and bazzi the donkey.

that's my favorite writing chair thus far.

i haven't been here yet. but i heard my brother and his friends might give it a go one day soon when they visit. this is the back of the bar.

they actually have an official lovers lane in the big city nearby. crazy good.

i'll be eating these totally organic farm fresh apricots soon!

we picked a couple of crates from the trees outside the house. the color is beautiful!

one little calf. she is so spoiled. she gets treated like a family pet.

little cupcake saying hello to the baby goats.

farm fresh meal that my mom made. feta cheese, fresh baked rolls, greens and veggies, zucchini pakoorah kind of things and some patties that she got a recipe for online. they're sort of indian tasting, which we love, even though we're not indian.
the stay is almost over. for such a city girl that i am, i do like to escape to this place every once in a while. the weather has also been perfect.

One more post next and then we'll plunge right back into Resort. Hope you all had a great weekend. Even though I didn't do any vintage shopping (which is amazing here) or writing (which I needed to tackle but did not), I still got a lot out of it.

more monday things ♥ mascara mascara

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