I had to post these photos of the gorgeous Winona Ryder in Interview magazine. Apparently, she's back in a big way...with two really good films coming out (one very soon). I realize it's been an eternity since she's been in the spotlight and the younger kids today might not realize just how huge she was. When I was a wee little thing in LA, I remember hearing about Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder all the time. We'd always hear about them shopping at the Beverly Center (a mall that's still there...but back in the day, it was really special and also had fancy restaurants and clubs on the bottom floor! I used to go there for shoes...they had the BEST shoes at that mall)...they were amazing together. I'm actually truly surprised that she hasn't been in more of Tim Burton's films (after Edward Scissorhands), because she super fits the bill...just like Johnny. I also know of some crazier stories from her not-so-great times...very Lindsay Lohan style...I can't say too much. But what I can say is that she used to shop with her assistant at a fancy fancy vintage shop my friends own...and she usually seemed out of it and would complain about needing a discount or something like that. I'm sure she was just out of it. I really hope this is her big comeback because she is and was a great actress and really gorgeous. She was much bigger than Angelina. Maybe she can take those reigns again. I also love seeing how gorgeous and dark she looks in a time when most actresses are trying too too hard to be super "pretty" and "sexy". Anyway...here it is...it was shot by Craig McDean (duh) and styled by Karl Templer (bravo)...the makeup is also gorgeous. But I can't find the credit for it...♥

i mean, come on...damn...THAT'S definitely a movie star.

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Anonymous said...

I love Winona, too. I was obsessed with her through my teen years and into my 20s. Cutting my hair like hers and dressed all in black.

She's always been kind of elusive though and doesn't seem to enjoy the spotlight and much rather be known as a character actress rather than a celebrity who is always all over the red carpet and tabloid magazines. I love that about her.