It's been a little while since I showcased some fun shoes. Even though I am not sure I would actually wear any Louboutin Daffodiles (that's a lie, I totally would wear some Louboutin Daffodiles), I had to post these ultra mega super amazing Glam Rock specials! They're the Daffodile 160 crystal-embellished leather pumps and they cost $6,395! They're covered with candy-colored crystals and actually they do look very candy-esque when you think about it. They look crazy Glam Rock. They'd look amazing with some bell-bottoms (I have some from the very last Chloé collection that Phoebe Philo designed). If i landed these, I would love them to death. But for $6000, I could buy a lot of other things. I wonder how many of these they actually produce...

They're available here. ♥

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