I have finished up some of my products (woohoo!) and I'm stoked because I rarely ever finish up product...because there's always so damn much! I have a few others, but I'll keep this one focused on four higher end products...

Rodial Body Soufflé
I was really excited to use this product. It's made in England, it's very expensive and has a super "posh" rep as a brand. I dunno about this lotion. It was a little too fragranced for me. Not strong fragrance, but once I slathered it on, I could immediately feel something...I'm very sensitive and dry and if something has too much fragrance, I can feel it. Especially if it's synthetic. The smell was odd but good...a sort of vanilla musky light scent...it was nice. I did like this, but nearly as much as I love my Laura Mercier body creams. It's $35 for a 6.56-ounce tub. I felt very chic with this near my bed. But I'd only pick this up again if I got it for a good price. You can buy it here if you like. 

I bought this (like the Alpha-H) because Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends loves it. But honestly, I don't get it. I guess if you're like 19 and need a first eye cream, this is okay. But I started using eye cream in junior high, methinks...somewhere in 9th or 10th grade. Maybe even 8th grade. And even back then, I was using a good quality one from Lancome. To me, this felt cheap, light, too light in fact to really do any kind of anti-ageing as it claims. Personally I think it's better to buy a really good heavier cream and use less if you're younger than get something that's so light and sort of useless. I'm sure the other products from Pai are awesome. But I wouldn't ever buy this again, even if I was still 18. It's $54! NOT worth it. At all! You can buy a truly amazing eye cream for that price. But if you want to try it for yourself, you can do so here.

I used my Alpha-H Liquid Gold regularly, about twice a week. It's pretty good. I wouldn't say it sucks. But it was expensive and took forever to get because it was sold out and I had to order it from the UK, so it took a long time to get to me. It does what it says. BUT I was also using some StriVectin serums at the same time on alternate nights and those worked AMAZINGLY better than this. I think the StriVectin was as good as Retin-A. I could see results the next morning in a big way, whereas I saw results with Alpha-H, but not in the way I'd expect. Not as good as StriVectin. Wow...looks like the price went down or I got ripped off. I paid around $60 for 100ml and now I see it for around $40! If I found it for a good deal, I would def pick it up. I might buy it for $40, but not $60. But I'd still always pick StriVectin or Murad or Peter Thomas or something else before this. You can buy it here. (I'd get it again for $40, honestly...if I already had something else to use on alternate nights. I can't believe I paid $60!)

there's new nicer packaging now...

I was so so excited to buy this. I found it at a great price, but now I wish I had picked a serum and not a cream. This is also an anti-ageing cream. I like them because of course I need them and also because I have very dry skin. I loved the heavy glass container. Felt very old school and fancy. The cream felt expensive. It's super super fragranced like too much perfume! I'm not kidding. I don't know if it did a thing, honestly. :( Pretty disappointed, but I got it for a great deal. So no worries. I know this is a drugstore brand in France, but their drugstore brands are actually really good/high quality. This was the first time I bought anything French drugstore and didn't really think it was that great. :( In the USA, you can now get it at CVS and Walgreens (I think Boots bought Walgreens, so we should be seeing some good additions soon) for $60. I'm so so glad I didn't pay that. I paid around half that price. I'll still keep the jar, though. It's gorgeous!♥

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