It was a great trip despite some parent drama. This place is so so magical and beautiful and I'd love to just buy it from my parents one day, even though it's not at the beach which is my favorite of all places. I hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed sharing them. Now I'm back in regular (consumer) civilization.

farm fresh eggs in martha stewart colors from the happy french hens that run around the acres.

one of the two dogs at the ranch. he's pasha. he's the sweetest thing and wants to be pet all the time, which is why he has his paw on my foot. but he's also very protective of the ranch.

a couple of new goats to the pack. one of them looks like an animal from star wars. it's almost as tall as i am.

this is a squirrel carved into a tree stump. it's probably been here for at least 50 years and maybe longer. this property was founded in the 1800s by some dutch settlers who moved out here from the east.

i'm feeding one baby goat with crazy light eyes. he reminds me of the lion the witch and the wardrobe. like he'd start playing a flute or something.

this is another cute baby goat. these two goats were rescued and my father has raised them since they were tiny little helpless things.

i get to feed the cute baby calf. she's so pretty. she's an angus which means she will be huuuuuge!

i fed bazzi the donkey some carrots and he was super happy.

a really really old car prob from the 30s or 20s that one of the neighbors has on my parents' ranch temporarily. i want it! look how cool the front end is!

this is a lonely bus stop. i found out that a guy made it for his daughter so she would have somewhere to sit when she's waiting for the school bus. it's so so cute. it looks like an old bus stop out of a movie.

just some cool horseshoes on a gate.

i love this cabin. it's super rad looking.

that's a warped shadow of me and my dog. it looks stretched sideways so everything looks wide. but oh well. :)

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