I have a couple of new films I've watched that I want to post on here as soon as I find some stuff online about them. But I just watched this and had forgotten about all the girls and the hair and makeup and style from this Scorpions video for their awesome kick-ass song, "I'm Leaving You"...
Scorpions are one of my favorite bands (sans "Winds of Change"...which is good but it's not as good as their other songs). There are a lot of pretty girls in there. A lot of hairspray. A lot of makeup and a lot of funny effects. The song is amazing, though. 

If you want to see and hear any of my other favorite Scorpions songs or other Heavy Metal songs I love love love, you can see them on the playlist that goes along with the novel. It has its own YouTube channel

Happy Sunday! \m/♥

more sunday matinee ♥ r.i.p. maurice sendak

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