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I watched this film on the PBS.ORG site (I love love PBS), and I thought it was super good and interesting. I didn't really like the scout very much in the end. I wondered what she would have done had she a teen girl of her own. She has this big nice amazing house, and she got it by exploiting these very young girls. I shouldn't give too much away, so if you don't want to know anymore then stop reading here...BUT she does say a big fat lie at the end. 

I've always been interested in this "models-off-to-Japan" thing. As far as I can remember, even way back in high school with some of the girl models there, hearing them say they're off to Japan for the entire summer. I even know of one up-n-coming model going to Japan right now. Though, she's with a very good agency in London. But you do hear about this a lot. And this does really show how they take a 12-year-old girl and make her look like a sexy 25 year old. I dunno. It's very good. I think it's a great film if you have a daughter who is obsessed with model-dom. 

Happy Easter! I wish I was little and could go East egg hunting! x♥

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