So, I have been sort of slacking on the blog lately. But I have good reasons. Very good reasons. I used to do a week's worth of posts in advance. Sometimes more. And I think I should do that again. But Sometimes I like to ramble a bit on the blog and post it on a daily basis. There are some more serious things going on but on the lighter (much lighter) side is that I've been on the Master Cleanse for seven days now. Today was my seventh day...and I almost thought it was my eighth...!!! Then I realized I started on the 2nd of March. :( :) 

Why have I done this? Well....I have a lot of friends who have been doing this cleanse for years. Most of my super amazing hardcore surfer friends do this and one of them was the first to tell me about around 11 years ago. We went out for sushi the day after his cleanse ended and we were nervous about how he'd feel after eating sushi. But he said you'll be amazed at what comes out of your body (I know...sorry...might gross you out). I also know a really hot lady who owns and runs one of the best music PR agencies in the States and she told me she does it four times a year! She told me that a few years ago and sent me all the deets. I actually tried to do it once a long time ago, but I only got through day one...not even. Maybe I didn't get past half a day. The thing is, you have to really mentally ready. I mean REALLY AND TRULY READY. Then I think it's kind of easy.

I've been dealing with so many weird ailments. I think most are from my stress. This job market has really run me down. The environment here makes it kind of hard to sit and work on my new novel because no one here has any concept of sitting and working on a project...for hours and days. (Though I have told myself that is no excuse and I would start working on it right after the cleanse is over.) I have terrible allergies...really terrible. And my skin sometimes acts up. And then there are other things like itchy skin that I didn't have before. So I thought to myself that this was the perfect time to do it because there is just too too much going on and I need to get clean. I also didn't mind losing some inches. No one ever thinks I'm overweight and most say I'm really small. But, for me...someone who has normally had a very good in a bikini body and very petite....having even 5 pounds extra shows a lot. And I feel...heavy and thick. Which I hate. 

The first two days I intended on starting to write about it, but I had the WORST headaches ever. I thought they were probably caffeine withdrawal headaches. I drink a lot of black tea. I don't drink coffee anymore. Once in a while I have one of those bottled frappuccinos. But other than that, just tea. I have around three cups a day. So the headaches were crazy. I felt like someone was nailing something into my eye sockets. The third day I had a stiff painful neck and a kind of weakness. It was kind of hard and I didn't know if I would be able to go through the entire ten days! 

I kept telling myself it would pass. I read as much as I could about the headaches which I guess you can get from either dehydration (you still need water even though you're drinking barrels of "lemonade"). I didn't notice the weight fall off like I thought it would either. But...I wasn't having any hunger pains for only having liquid for three days. I would just get kind of tired and want to go to sleep around 9pm. 

The fourth day I felt so much better and I was so relieved! I could actually go for a walk with my dog and talk to people without feeling any excessive pain. I could watch videos that I love to watch (those beauty gurus) without shutting it down from the head pain. On the fifth day, I also felt okay and I was grateful. But again on the sixth, I got some more headaches...I felt a little queasy...you can kind of feel or I could kind of feel the toxins coming out and it sort of felt like when I drank too much booze when I lived in NYC and was hungover. YES! It felt like a bad hangover! Which sucks actually. :) 

I started also noticing my body thinning, but in a healthy way as though I was eating food. I felt good. Although I am noticing a frown line now that maybe I got from sleeping with a headache and so perhaps I need to start saving for fillers....? :D Today is day seven and my body is lookin' good which makes me feel stoked. And even though I was worried I'd quit around day five, I can't believe it's already almost day eight and that means I'm almost done!!! Another thing...I know I mentioned I didn't get hungry...I did wake up on day seven (today) with a growling tummy. And...I never said you don't crave things. I craved so many things and crave so many things. But not crappy food. I am looking forward to the Caesar salad I will have once the cleanse is over and the glorious soup SOUP and steamed oysters on my Caesar...! YUM. And making some of the amazing recipes on Amy Davis' blog YUMMY DRESS (she just put up a massive amazing new post that's all Hawaii inspired and it's insanity! I'll tease that on here soon for you so you can check it out!). 

Another thing, you are allowed herbal tea as long as it's not caffeinated. I have chamomile before bed and I went out and got some rooibos which is deeeeelicious. MMMMmmmmm! I'm so happy I got it. I haven't had it in years. 

So that's kind of what's going on. New novel. Master Cleanse. Headaches. And sleep. But I am looking forward to writing about the Ungaro show which was awesome, as well as JCDC and some other smaller labels like Samantha Pleet. I'll have to nudge some of my friends who haven't sent me their interviews back. They're all so busy doing real things and not the cleanse. 

If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask...but there's loads online. Hope you are having a fun night if you are out. I am not because I am tired and I have a teeny headache. But I wanted to let you know what was going on and why I've been so slow as of late. Please forgive. Things are moving forward and soon I hope to be in a space where I have my own creative corner again to do even more exciting posts. 

love and best!!! xxxmt

a photo of this restaurant in nyc that opened after i left...but i can't remember the name. i just love all the sweets on the cart!

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