I just love Material Girl magazine. They just love what they do and do what they love. I love the editorials in pretty much every issue, though I wish it was easier to get every issue. I have to order it and have it shipped from overseas actually. The below editorial is from their current issue, I think, as it matches the cover I see on their site. I found these images from their blog petfanclub, which I also love. What I love about this editorial is how dreamy siren it is, it's also very Virgin Suicides (as in the film...which is really very 70s..and the book...which you should read because it's very very good!) and also very very vintage Gunne Sax (which I have a collection of..and is also very very 70s). It's all those maxi dreamy prairie dresses with long natural hair. So so gorgeous. See all the credits below because they did a beautiful job with this story.

photography natalie kucken 
styling jaclyn bethany
models eliska & svetlana / major 
simona & sasha / trump 
maris / re:quest
photography assistant lisa do
all clothes vintage by chiffonier vintage and le grand strip boutique

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