Okay, truth be told...I have no idea if Chie Ishikawa is a girl or boy or a model or actress, pop star or stylist...but there seems to be examples of work in makeup and beauty as well as photography. If you know, then please tell me because everything seems to be in Japanese and I can't read it! No matter who Chie Ishikawa is, I love "their" work...I love the makeup and styling and everything I see. I've had one image (I will note it below) for about 4 years or more...and I don't know what magazine it came from or if there are more. But it's just amazing. It's one of my favorite looks of all time and has inspired a lot of things in my projects over the years. I tried to initially find the fashion story it belonged to via google image search. What I found instead was a load of other work by one Chie Ishikawa...and I LOVE IT!! And you'll love it, too! ♥

this is the image i've had on file for years...i love love this so much.

great 60s athletics story~ below, too!

look at the eyes...the twiggy lashes!

more thursday shoe ♥ ancient greek sandal

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