I'm not going to include the foundations or concealers or shadows because they're all the same as last time thus far. But I do have some new things I want to share with you that I am really loving. I also will be doing a write up about some Caudalie products I have been using...but I want to use them for a little bit longer. 

I've also been on that Master Cleanse for three days so far and my skin is feeling wonderful (though my caffeine withdrawal headaches are not!). 

These are not in any particular order...my current fave foundation is still Revlon Colorstay for dry skin...it just stays on all day without any powder and looks totally natural. It's amazing. Concealer is still that Garnier roll-on which I love. You can read about them here.

I have a new eyebrow favorite really because of Josh Collier and his JOSHCOLLIERMUA YouTube channel. He always mentions DEFINE A BROW by MAYBELLINE. I really wanted to buy Mac's Lingering pencil because of Charlotte Tilbury...but every single review I read complained that it's like $24 or something and last hardly any time at all. So I started researching dupes and up came the Define A Brow! And Josh was right. I got it in Light Brown even though I think Medium Brown is supposed to be a dupe for Lingering. (They didn't have Medium Brown at the CVS I went to.) This makes doing my eyebrows so easy and quick!!! Otherwise, I spend a long time making sure they look even etc. I'm into my eyebrows again, or doing them, as much as I was in the 90's. And I've been growing them out. This product is awe-some!

I picked up two 99 cent Wet n Wild pencils on a whim and one of them was 50% off with a deal. Which was great. I picked up a COLORICON pencil in the color MINK BROWN and it is so nice. It's one of the nicest browns I've ever found at a drugstore. The other is a COLORICON lip pencil in the color CHESTNUT and it's more of a deep brown/wine color. It's also amazing for a drugstore product. LOVE it. And it goes perfectly with the next favorite...

mink brown on top and chestnut (which looks lighter here than it is) on bottom. it's much deeper and darker.

I tried to get a few things from Drew Barrymore's new cosmetic line FLOWER which I'm sure all of you have heard about. But everything was sold out! I did manage to find one lipstick in the color CHOCOLATE LILY. It's a very very vampy wine color and I love it. It was only around 6 or 7 dollars. I think her line is comparable to any high end line and let's not forget she married the son of a Chanel CEO. So of course she had some help, I'm sure. I wanted the foundation stick. Hopefully I can get that next time. It's actually called FLOWER KISS STICK VELVET LIP COLOR.

I have two favorite nail polishes that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. I might have mentioned the first one last time...not sure. It's TOTALLY TOFFEE by Revlon. It's like a dark mahogany but looks milk chocolate in some light and burgundy in other light. It's very very 70's and also very 30's. Def one of my new loves. The second one is the darkest plum you could ever find that it's almost black. It's PLAZA PLUMBERRY by NYC cosmetics. It's awesome. Sort of reminds me of Chanel's Vamp, but I don't see any red in it at all. It's gorgeous. These colors all work well with the burnt orange-y eyeshadow halos I have been wearing lately

i love this color so much. revlon's totally toffee.
NYC plaza plumberry...awesome!

OH OH!!! I almost forgot...one of my best finds was the L'Oreal Paris Couture Hair colors...I used Blonde and my hair is the perfect shade right now. It's definitely been my favorite hair color and I hope it's not a limited edition type thing. I also think the makeup on the model (on the box) is gorgeous...so French! The correct name is L'Oreal Superior Preference Paris Couture Haircolor Delicate Golden Blonde (9DG) and it is awesome!

my hair came out a little darker. but still as pretty. but look at her makeup! it's gorgeous!

Okay...that's it for now. Happy Monday! I can't wait for Louis Vuitton!

more makeup monday ♥ bright blue lashes at stella

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