So I wanted to showcase another YouTube beauty lady that I have been loving and learning a lot from lately...she's THE BEAUTY PROFESSOR and her real name and channel are Rachel Anise. She has a successful blog, but I guess her YouTube channel is a bit newer. This girl is SMART. Just listen to her lingo. She obviously has a really high I.Q. as well as exquisite high-end, uber-exclusive taste, which I like, because you get to hear the dish on some products most of the other thousands of YouTubers never ever talk about. She's also quite pretty, in a kind of (young) Bo Derek way (she could also be a character from my novel, too), with giant saucer eyes and very pretty hair. I also love how her smokey eye day look is so wearable. I am attempting to copy this without looking like a hooker at the grocery store...she makes it look so easy. But it's really her skincare and beauty suggestions that I am obsessed with. By Terry, le Métier de Beauté, Rouge Bunny Rouge and some other ones I've never heard about are always on her faves list. If you haven't watched her vids yet or read her blog, and you love learning about the goods (the real goods) from someone who actually buys and uses these products and looks great doing so, then by all means sub to her channel AND her blog. You won't be disappointed.♥

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