If you didn't like the Louis Vuitton show for Fall 2013 then you will not like this blog nor will you like this post. :) Aside from maybe one or two pieces, I loved it. It was from the era (mostly) that I love (the 30s...with a little early 40s thrown in...) and it was a little tomboy, which I also love (and something that Marc does very well). I just watched a couple of films from the late 30s/early 40s this past week...solely for the fashion (because the glamour in those films is just unparalleled until you get to the Glam Rock years), and I couldn't help but think that Marc must watch A LOT of old films (well, his favorite film is Woody Allen's "Zelig"...which isn't really one of my favorite Woody films...but the entire film is old film style with old fashion). Some people immediately say things like, "No one is going to wear little tap pants like that..." etc when they see the see-through dresses and the pantie shorts...but, people, this is a fashion show. It's meant to show the pieces. When you go into LV, they'll have slips for those see-through (GORGEOUS) dresses and those little tap pants will be part of the lounge-y things they carry (which also is so appropriate for a brand that based itself on the idea of luxury travel). There was a lot of loungewear, too, which you also see in many many films from the 30s/40s...it was the style. These dresses for evening that look like robes, with wide sleeves and pyjama pant looks. And I love it. I just thought it was just so so pretty and sexy. And the accessories were so amazing that I'll do a separate post on them next week. I just really love that masculine/feminine thing...that pairing of sweet florets with menswear styled coats. LOVE. It was also very sweet when Kate Moss got a round of applause. Always nice to see her. 

If you haven't watched the show at the Hotel Vuitton, then do that...because, although other designers have done the door thing, it really works here very well with this looks. (Marc also told the press that some of the girls are dressed how they are because there is supposed to be a sense of what happened in the hotel room she just walked out of.) If you didn't like this show, then I suggest you go back to your Michael Kors closet and put something on and then sit and watch the Saint Laurent show.

magdalena always looks so hot.

so so 30s...i love it all. and actually, slip dresses were huge in the 80s, too.

so so pretty.

i love this look because of this sort of opera coat. i love big vintage opera coats that look like robes..i always look for them.

i love it and i want it. i would feel like a rich princess with a sexy vibe in this. or a rockstar. love this.

i actually have an armani dress from a long time ago that has this same look. i always get loads of compliments on it. this is so so hot. this will sell out in five seconds.


i love this.

these dresses are to die for. so so 30s. i love them so much. you could wear that hot black slip under it.

i mean...how pretty is this? i'd feel so amazing in this look.

ok...this look kind of took the cake. she looks like she walked out of a black and white film from the late 20s/early 30s. just amazing.

marc in one of his monkey print pj's from the LV menswear collection. which was equally amazing.

more thursday stuff ♥ gianvito rossi tuxedo sandals

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