These might be a bit odd, but I love the humor. And since I just did a post on the surreal collars by Delfina Delettrez (last name FENDI...of the Fendi's and all that goes with it) and the whimsical lips and skull button-links, I thought it appropriate to showcase the shoes, too. Non? These Giuseppe Zanotti X Delfina Delettrez heels are chic and gorgeous and the shape will really work with anything. But the EYES. Strange, surreal and maybe even a little weird. They still are pretty amazing. I think these are those kinds of shoes that once you put them on your feet, you see how cool they really are. So often we see shoes on a table or in an editorial like this and we can't even begin to know what the effect is when they're actually on. So, if you see them, try them on.♡

more shoe me thursday ♥ rocker girl

images from colette.fr

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