My favorite staple shoe is either a black pump or a white patent leather pump, especially if they're totally messed up. I know I tend to showcase a lot of heels with bows on them. I'm not a bow freak or anything. But some of the shoes I've shown look really cute because of those bows. I just like my shoes, a lot of them, to do something...or remind me of my favorite shoes as a little girl. :) These Aruna Seth wedges with Swarovski crystals and a bow at the back are dreamy. They kind of seem odd at first. I'm not huge wedge heel unless they're vintage 70s. But then look at the nude color which is so so perfect and sexy plus the bow plus the crystals plus the insides look gorgeously vintage, too, plus...I think they're a little rockstar girl goes to the grocery store to pick up some milk. I like my run-around shoes to be a little flash so if the rest of me is played down, the shoes can pick it up. These shoes are called Cerise...which is one of my favorite names. French for cherry. Nude patent leather...it is cherry....for  £625.00. I also love the black satin heel version.♡

so hot.

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all images from arunaseth.com

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