OK...it does seem like I'm writing something about Amy Davis on here every couple of months. It's true. But I have said before that she is a mad creator...of very nice things. If you're not familiar with Amy, she's done a slew of things...to many to list. But some of her notables are: her collections for LeSportsac , her packaging for Hard Candy cosmetics a few years ago, her fashion illustrated column Style Fiends , her film work with hubby Jon Moritsugu (which you can see a bit of here ), her music work with band LOW ON HIGH...the list goes on. She just wrote to me about a new collection of bags...in case you never were able to pick up those limited edition LeSportsac pieces, this is your chance! The design is called Space Race and it's available on any shape and size bag you'd like. Have your pick! AND...one HUGE key note about these new bags....the Bags are made from recycled plastic bottles and air-dye ink...which is rad for Amy (and us) cuz it means "no pollution or sweatshopz." So rad.♡
make it up $36.00
officemate $188.00
wrapper $88.00
tag-a-long $42.00

Gaga (I think) by Amy Davis (amazing!)
one of Amy Davis' STYLE FIENDS fashion columns
"What...does she wear that to every party?"

more wednesday bag ♥ the s2a rad big bag

all images from http://www.julieapplestore.com and amydavis.com

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