So...I left today to just roam around and hopefully come across some bomb vintage clothing shops...but I didn't really. I found one that had a few good things. But mostly they were too old lady, albeit designer, and toooo expensive. Like a pair of amazing vintage giant round black 60s glasses I wanted. They were the real deal..made in Britain. But for 400 bucks, I needed to make sure I wouldn't lose or break them. So I told the nice owner that I'd return when I got a new gig to celebrate by buying those glasses. 

But I did come across a mystical book store. I think it's actually called Mystic Journey Bookstore...I just walked in. I knew I needed something, but I wasn't sure what. See, I've been subletting a place by the beach, but I wake up every day feeling drained and unmotivated. And I was told that the owner who lives in the house above does not like the smell of sage. So I explained all of this to the nice people in the shop, and one very very nice girl immediately said, "I KNOW WHAT YOU NEED!" She directed me over to a little table in the corner and let me smell a bottle of sacred space spray. Or to be exact, it's called Shaman's Market Palo Santo Sacred Space Spray .

She said what I should do with it is spray it all over the house. The nice fellow in the shop also said to spray the corners. The nice girl also said to spray it out and walk through it once or twice, too. It was $24 US. I bought it and thanked them. The nice girl also saged me while I was in the shop. And I did feel so so much better. When I returned to the house, I sprayed the entire place...from corner to corner and also walked through the mist a couple of times. And I can already feel a lightness around me. It's amazing when these things really work. I just felt like I could fully trust these people. Which is why I bought it. It also smells very light and refreshing...kind of like sweet peas (the flower).The site says this spray "can be used to clear a space, yourself and others, as well as your sacred objects, raising the vibration and creating an elevated field."

So if you are feeling a bit drained...I am a type-A personality...which means I usually am doing a million things...I really needed this....and you don't want to sage, then maybe try the sacred space spray. 

Available at shamansmarket.com or you can purchase it from the nice people who helped me at the Mystic Journey Bookstore .

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