LISTEN PEOPLE....THIS IS AN EARLY SUNDAY MATINEE BECAUSE....SERIOUSLY...if you're not watching the COACHELLA LIVE STREAM now or tomorrow, then you're really missing out. It's done really well.......I mean, it sounds a lot like I'm there. I've been to Coachella a bunch of times in the past as VIP Press. I got spoilt and it got waaaay too crowded and I just got over it. But this is such a rad way to enjoy it. I miss the live music. The legends who show up at these things. Tomorrow (Sunday) there are two bands I especially am excited to watch on YouTube: Duran Duran and The Strokes. I wasn't a big fan of The Strokes last record or ....I loved the first record....but this new record is amazing. Bra-vo. There are more, too. 

Tonight I watched Interpol first. I missed them a lot and they made me miss New York City. They were a band that was a HUGE part of the scene I was in. And I always say that they will be the soundtrack for my first two novels I wrote whilst in New York. And wow...they look great. Paul Banks is a total babe...still. And then I watched the legendary Mick Jones in Big Audio Dynamite, which was always on the LA radio stations when I was a kid. But it's MICK JONES FROM THE CLASH! And I got to watch him on YouTube live! It was great. I saw some Bright Eyes. And now, by chance, I'm looking at some crazy band called Empire of the Sun?? I don't know if they are club music or Burning Man music...but right now, I like their get-ups and their stage. It's very 70s psychedelic funk. Kind of Bootsy Collins .

So point is WATCH IT! LIVE! BRILLIANT JOB, YOUTUBE AND 5 GUM (honestly had no idea what 5 Gum is...but whoever came up with that brilliant idea to sponsor the Coachella fest and put it on YouTube was genius).........xxxx http://www.youtube.com/coachella  PS My only beef or question is...have they had any Heavy Metal greats at Coachella yet? If not, they're stupid. PPS...Scissor Sisters info below!

interpol live stream at coachella
daniel from interpol looks great.
i heart paul banks.

i heart paul banks from interpol. he's even hotter than a few years ago.
he was wearing a gold medallion. it looks really hot. or it looked hot.
who is this band empire of the sun? i like their stage costumes.

SCISSOR SISTERS! ONE OF THE BEST BANDS EV ER! (I saw them in New York a couple of times....once at the Bowery Ballroom, methinks, and once at PS1 in the summer and they killed it both times. LOVE! I'm watching them right now!) They are a kick-ass band with HIGH energy. And they're really just so good at what they do....like they stepped out of 70s Glamrock.

Scissor Sisters at Coachella!
Scissor Sisters and their crazy good costumes!

more sunday matinee ♡ inside daisy clover

all these images are screenshots i took on my mac YO
and paul banks is a babe!

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