Ok...I wasn't going to post anything up until tomorrow or later, but I actually have something to share that you might want to pick up or order online if you are being lazy or hungover in front of your computer in your bunny slippers sipping your vanilla and cinnamon black tea (mmmmm! from Trader Joe's) with some Xmas cash in hand. Especially if you have a tattoo or two or three. One of the things I'm doing for myself for the new year is finally getting a new tattoo in honor of someone whom I lost a while ago and is very dear to me. I think I'm ready to get it now. This will only be tattoo number two...I'm not into covering my skin from head-to-toe in ink. And my other one I've had since I was like 18. So this product would definitely help it. It's called TATTOO BRITE and it has a patented formula they call InkBrite that sinks into the dermis and intensifies even the most faded of tatts. Plus, it's SPF 20, too. Pretty cool. And the packaging is pretty, too.♡

more makeup monday ♥ honey and grits!

image from tattoobrite.com

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