Here's a video of the latest from Parisian couture designer Alexandre Vauthier . Though it's essence is classic and some of it we've seen before, it's still absolutely gorgeous with some of the most coveted looks I've seen from a young designer. I mean, what woman wouldn't want to look that hot? He's one of the few clawing his way to the top and I commend him for going forward with his couture journey, because, after all, all we keep hearing is how couture is a dying breed. (And, remember, couture means these gorgeous pieces were handmade in Paris...just look at the gold mini number and all the perfection in this perfect collection.) He didn't choose the easy route and that's why we should all keep an eye out for him and support him, write about him, try to buy him ;) and really just watch everything he does as much as we watch Karl or Marc. Watch the show...it's genius. I could have just done images, but I think watching the show really takes you closer to the pieces and the genius behind them.♡

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