I've been sampling a lot of good new product lately (some of it will be on here a bit later today, too). And one of my favorite new products is a HOLLYBETH'S GRITS & HONEY SCRUB . HOLLYBETH'S is a natural skin and body care line from the (US) South...Georgia to be exact. And everyone I know from Georgia is magical. There's something about the South that people love. And there's something else that makes everything down there so damn good. Out of all her products, I absolutely am hooked on this face scrub. First of all, it's honey. Honey is amazing for your skin. It acts like a humectant, which means it draws moisture to your skin. It also heals your skin. Honey is really magical. But the addition of grits makes it that much better because you're also exfoliating the dead skin off. Rather than just scrub my face, I actually slather some of it on and leave it on my face for as long as I can (usually a couple of hours). Then I scrub it off. The packaging is pretty and it's only $25 (US) for a 2 ounce jar. Another thing I should mention is that I keep it in the refrigerator, because it is all-natural. It keeps much better that way. Would make for a sweet holiday gift or a mini-personal-spa treatment for yourself while the family is visiting.♡

image from hollybeth.net

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