One of my favorite things about winter are the sexy high socks. Granted, not everyone can rock these in public, but that doesn't mean you can't wear some high warm sexy socks with some knickers and a cashmere sweater while you're at home on a cold night sitting by the fire with some hot cocoa and mini marshmallows, honey. Right? I think the long/high socks in the Gaultier winter collection were some of my favorites ever. And I bet if you look, you'll be able to find some that are really similar. It would be especially fantastic if they were cashmere! And then you could also have on some cashmere knickers (yep!)...And they are available at Colette ! By the way, yes...something happened with my posts and my Friday post went up by accident today. And then I realized....IT'S THURSDAY! OOPS! If you haven't seen tomorrow's post yet, do check it out. It's pretty and lovely...and pretty lovely.♡

I mean, this works as an editorial or runway outfit, but this is def a no no when it comes to wearing it out. It'd just look stupid. but I LOVE the socks. Sans shoes.
Aren't they cute? Looks like they're well made. They have a super strong band at the top so they don't slide down.
And...unlike most accessories that are more or less props, you can buy these at collette!

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all images from colette.fr

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