Wow. I've never been the hugest fan of Alberta Ferretti. It's not that I don't think she's amazing or established or anything. It's just that maybe perhaps I don't run to look at her show first...or second...or third fourth or fifth or sixth. :) But this was the second show from Milan Fashion Week, which must be surreal to attend. There's something more elusive and exclusive about fashion week in Milan.  Anyway, I was so lost (in a good way) in her fair maiden/luxe hippy dream that was done perfectly and subtly. CASTING AND STYLING...this is the perfect example of this. These girls look like garden sirens. Because the styling, makeup, casting, accessories and colors were done so well, I would say Alberta Ferretti just shot up into the top five. I mean, I can see the same girls who buy anything Phoebe Philo creates  rushing to the stores to buy some of this Ferretti collection. There is something so Philo about these looks and vibe of the collection itself, but it maintains Alberta Ferretti's own vision. I have a huge collection of vintage that is similar this style. It's very Tuscany-meets-Topanga-Canyon circa 1976. And I am in love...

this dress is going to sell out. i mean, you could wear it a million ways forever.
i love all these hippy wedding dress-esque dresses.
really excellent casting plus styling plus dress. looks 20s meets 70s meets now.
another hippy wedding-esque dress (i actually own one that i will have to shoot and add to this post).
another wedding hippy dress that i LOVE LOVE.
ok. i love love love this dress plus the color. it's so so gorgeous. and i love how underdone the girl is.
super pretty and excellent for someone not wanting to be so hippy.
really 20s or teens and lovely...SO lovely. would love to own this, too.
this dress...i would kill to own this piece! this is my favorite piece maybe. one day i will own it. just watch.
Here is a piece from my vintage collection...a "hippy" wedding dress that I think looks like it could be a part of this collection. I used to think this was a 70s dress. But now upon looking at it again (it's been in storage for a loooong time), I think it might be 20s. It's gorgeous! ♡
maid marion wedding dress. perfect for a topanga canyon wedding.
gorgeous detail from the hippy wedding dress.

more shoe me thursday ♥ crazy tights!

all images from style.com

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