It's been a little tough looking for fun new things to post on the blog...just because Fashion Week is so close and I'm so very anxious to see some new lovely lovely designs. But I did come across these amazing amazing shoes by Carvela , which is actually a Kurt Geiger brand (KG is quite an empire...have a look for yourself on the site !). I especially love the red pairs...I think they look a bit I Love Lucy and a bit cartoon-esque. If I was in New York City right now, I'd be wearing them to Fashion Week. (Fashion Week can be fun...but it can also be soooo exhausting...and a lot of mayhem for a quick 10 minute sit-down. Believe me, I know. One day soon, I'll share what it's like in NYC for Fashion Week.) ♡

These look so Betty Grable circa early 40s to me.
These Mary Janes are goooorrrrgeous!
Really different and would really stand out.
Sooo f-ing hot. I had to show the back down below!
saucy backs
Whenever you see the front of a heel go up like this, I promise you will love the effect once they are on!
These are the ones I think are sooo cartoon...almost Minnie Mouse-ish. LOVE LOVE!

more shoe me thursday ♥ have you seen "me"?

all images from kurtgeiger.com

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