I got a message from my very good friend Monique (a designer for a HUGE house in NYC) this morning that said something like, "Just watched the Prada stream, and I'm floored." She is picky. So I knew it had to be AMAZING. And it was. (See the video above.) A lot of it was very 20s and very very Josephine Baker , with the hair and the banana print pieces. Prada has had me and lost me in the past. And I think last season it had me big time (along with Miu Miu), and I think it has everyone again. Especially with the accessories, like the giant silver Mary Janes! There's a piece in the video of the show (above) that wasn't on the style.com site...most likely due to editing bullsh**. That's how it goes in the US (boring) market. It's the striped dress that looks almost like an old bathing suit on top with a ruffle on the bottom. It's gorgeous. It feels like designers/houses did one of two things this seaason; they either played it safe (and boring) or they went all out there. And killed it. Miuccia killed it again. And I hope a lot of girls get to walk around like an old Italian movie filmed at the sea. That would be another dream. Some of the stuff that's really getting attention makes me really excited because you know a lot of fast fashion (like H&M) is going to be knocking it off. Lots of stylee everywhere. (And I can't for Miu Miu!) ♡

it's simple, but i think it looks reallly chic. like a good Italian fashion editor outfit.
really fun layered Mary Janes...like good Italian candy...notice the Italian flag colors ;)
i wouldn't wear these glasses, per se or the dress...but it looks amazingly good in the show.
very fun. even with the shoes. loved it all.
i am so happy i saw so many gorgeous black girls wearing these gorgeous clothes! love them!
really gorgeous and so unique!
love love love love this look. plus the model worked it out...watch her walk in it in the video above!
great little bag! and skirt!
not the hugest fan of the dress, really. but this looks great all together. it's fun, though.
really gorgeous styling. fantastic hat.
ma favourite!
i love the 20s gangster girlfriend thing here. cartoon style.
super fun and one-of-a-kind, too.
fun and chic
woohoo. would love these, too.
very similar to the look, but Prada made it modern.
same hair as Prada show
josephine baker banana skirt!
 more girl friday ♥ vivienne westwood exhibit

all images from style.com
josephine baker images from investigation.discovery.com, europeanjournal.net, listal.com

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