The Eley Kishimoto in Collaboration with Werk Magazine project is a 336-page, limited 1000-edition book showcasing some of the designers archetypal textile prints, which is what the Eley Kishimoto brand is really known for. It also includes some other rad things like sketches and photographs of the design process.

Here is what the site says the Werk package contains: 
Each issue is unique with its use of actual archive Eley Kishimoto prints; a bundle of 4 fabrics, on both the front and back of the book have been carefully constructed to create the cover. The fabrics from the back are folded over the spine and secured to the front using staples and dress making pins, mimicking a 'textile work-in progress'. 

Issue 17 is the history of the design duo, Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto, starting with photos from their childhood and tracing their design progress. It's like a little documentation of a sliver of their career packaged into a gorgeous keepsake that fits under your arm. I am and have always been a huge fan of Eley Kishimoto and how they do their own thing, always. You rarely see their collections reviewed on Style.com or the red carpet or anywhere cheesy for that matter. They just don't care. And I love them for it. ♡

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all images from Eley Kishimoto


Anonymous said...

love this, you can buy it from eley kishimoto online shop, and even get your copy signed. bargain at £42!

montronix said...

totally! xmt