Yes...it's been a very UK week. I couldn't help it. I've loved Tatty Devine for about maybe 10 years. That they've kept it real for so long is commendable. That they've managed to stay fun and silly and still high end and chic. They always have something new and dandy. So you'll see them on here a lot...sometimes. :) These are good gifts for the person who has it all...or is reallly finicky and hard to impress. ;) And they aren't just for casual Friday, either. All of these would look right with your fancy day dress, too. That, dears, is how you add a little personality to your style. Have a look at these pieces...so "devine". ♡

freaky eye necklace with teardrops...amazing piece!

Gin cufflinks...the best graduate (or best man) gift 
red bow glitter ring!
gold glitter bow ring!

moustache necklace!

charlie le mindu hair pick...looks like Marilyn from the 80s, right?
2 cartoon eye rings...you have to have both! (i want these!)

wear your eyeglass necklace with your cartoon eye rings! 

have to show something for the lovebirds broche

tatty devine heart ring. sigh. 

all images courtesy of Tatty Devine

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