Not Valentino, though definitely everything I look for in Haute Couture...fun, fantasy, vision, and balls to the wall. No matter how weird some might think these pieces are, I have so much respect for the ladies who spend on these designs and the visionaries behind them. Even though, for me, this is definitely a far leap from Valentino genius...I still love a lot of these looks.  (And the shoes! Those bow-toed shoes!) I have heard this collection called Valentino Girl, Gamine, and even Valentino Teen. And all would be accurate.  And I'd say any girl into fashion would freak out if they actually got to own even one piece from this collection. I mean, what are we living for if it's not to relish in daydream dress? ♡

 A ballet jacket...or a birdcage? I'd die to have this in my collection. This is what couture is for...fantastic vision. I love how Hitchcock it is.

Anyone who's seen my dress collection knows how many pieces I have that are so similar to this, either with the colors or the big pink bow. I know it's sheer here, but the look is gorgeous. Not Valentino, really. But I love it. It's also very 60s wedding.

 This is fun. And very old movie again. And very doll, too.

  Too pretty to be ready-to-wear.

  A little red carpet ensemble for a fun party.

 This might look a little poodle at first. But no matter...
I'd still be ecstatic if it was hanging on my clothes rack.

 A deb coming out her own way, with a little tongue in cheek. 

images from style.com


Duck said...

This collection was a lot MORE "Valentino" than the last couture collection! In the sense that there is a return to girlish prettiness rather than the (amazing) extreme, colourful, minimal collection last season. I realise the designers don't want to lose their existing customers, but it's unrealistic to expect them to continue to design things the way the master would have done. Otherwise things will never change...

Mandana said...

I hear what you are saying, which is kind of what I was saying. I do love this collection. It's not quite Valentino proper, but it's perhaps a branch off the tree in the right direction.
I don't think I was saying things needed to remain the same. BUT in regards to Valentino himself, he did create the line and it was a very very bittersweet ending. So I guess my heart will always lie with him.
But I don't believe I said anything that would in anyway suggest I didn't LOVE this collection. It was definitely going in the right direction.

Thx v much for your comment and checking out NG! x