I  heart Anna. She's always been super nice and super dedicated. I remember when I first got to New York, all the hottest/coolest boys were wearing her silver 2-finger. I remember her working in her studio in Brooklyn, before everyone in the world moved there. 

Well, I just noticed she posted a new custom ring she did for a mutual friend of ours, Joey Aloi AKA JK5 , who's an amazing artist. The ring looks absolutely amazing and I wish I had one, too. Hopefully I'll be able to see her and put in an order soon. 

Anna writes on her blog that Joey picked the colors specifically. And that they must mean something very deep. Which makes sense, because that's how he is. 


Here's the ring I have. I always travel with it. It never goes into storage because I love it so much. It also reminds me of a really fun time in New York. 

But I'd love to add to my jewelry collection by buying a gold one with stones. Visit her blog, it's fun and she's a lovely girl. I know these rings will end up in one of my novels, because they've definitely become an iconic piece of our time. ♡

images from Anna's blog.

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