Glorious shoes and too much fun. Sexy and sinful...have a look for yourself...Minna Parikka shoes aren't for the shy...or the boring. Nope... ♡

Siouxie 290€
powder rose Corset Boot 390€ (I would LOVE to own these!)
Stocking Heels 310€
Ginger Lace-Up  265€

Custard Pump 265€
matching Drip Gloves 150€
how cute is this boot? Brigitte 350€ 

LOVE these. Court Boot 335€
Love Heel 275€

Heart driving gloves! 120€

Lipstick Pump 260€

more shoe me thursday ♥ terry de havilland

images courtesy of Minna Parikka


Aleksandra said...

don't want to make you jealous but look what I bought myself from Minna Parikka: http://labelsornothing.blogspot.com/2010/03/lahjoja-lahjoja-ah-lahjoja.html

Parikka's boots are the best ones^^

Mandana said...

I'm not the type of girl who gets jealous. I think it's awesome...and i have more than enough shoes to keep me busy. MP shoes kill it. i especially love the black boots!

thx for the post!

Aleksandra said...

I was only making a joke^^ Meant that those really are worth their cost :)

Mandana said...

i realized that :) and i think your boots are amazing...!
i'll have a good interview with a genius shoemaker soon...not as cheeky, but equally gorgeous...
thx for reading!!