When I was in Portland, a couple people turned me onto jewelry that had teeny tiny desserts on them...little cakes, doughnuts, stacks of pancakes, yummy sundaes. The people who make these miniature food pieces spend hours making them as close the real thing as possible. I know it's a huge trend in Japan, where they also have loads of books on the subject. I'll be stacking up on these the next time I go there.  Delicious! ♡

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Searching for Style said...

Those are so cute, but I can't believe there's books on the subject. Someone's written a book about mini desert jewelry?

montronix said...

yep...too many to even keep track. there was a girl i was friends with at wieden + kennedy who was doing a research project on the trend...she had a ton of books, mostly in japanese. and right before i left, she was on her way to tokyo to go buy them, take pics, etc, continue her research. and petra (cortright) had a great slice-of-cake ring she would wear a lot. it had a big rasberry on the top.

the pics were amazing in the books. you cannot believe the detail and time spent. the obsessive japanese trends...love it.