The new Haute Couture collection by Roger Vivier ... fantastic and filled with fantasy. Shoes and bags fit for a queen (like a Marie Antoinette) or a queen now, if we were lucky. These look like museum pieces to me. It would be a delicate night wearing these feathered heels or carrying the beaded bags. When you know they're one-off. The white swan of all heels. A hand-beaded Chinoiserie  bag.  And a set of feathers that I can only imagine the most loveliest of fashion's followers will buy and wear (like a Daphne Guinness). I say it all the time, but these are the reasons why fashion persists and why fashion today...for the most part due to mass production and  homogeny...has lost a lot of its charm. It's fun to think there was actually a day when lots of ladies walked around with bags and shoes this way.  ♡

 more wednesday bag ♥ so so much resort 

images from Italian Vogue

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