Once a long time ago in a land called Manhattan, I was making the rounds at the Fall Fashion Week parties with some girls, a chick from Vice and a stylist who did random jobs. I liked to change my look up a lot, and New York allows a girl to do that and champions it even. The stylist, out of the blue, commented on my brows. She said, "It looks good, but I'm just curious...why do you bleach your eyebrows?" I kind of giggled inside, because I knew she had speculated there might have been a real answer. But my answer was pretty much this, "Because I like how it looks sometimes. Then I change and go back to dark brown. That's all." And we carried on looking for the open bar. It was the truth. I'd equate it to sometimes dying my hair lighter or getting highlights in the summer and then going darker in the winter. It's a change.

Balenciaga's Pink Brow


It can look fresh at first. Brighten and open up your face. It also looks a little odd which is good sometimes. Then, like a lot of things, it gets old and tired...and boring. And the freshness escapes us. And that's when it's time to go some other direction. It's how we "play face".


 Comme Des Garçons Fall 2010


Another time, during maybe that same summer, (I was sort of doing an ode to Ziggy Stardust thing with black velvet jumpsuits and platform boots and subtle copper halos around my eyes) someone else whom I love commented on my brows-- Hushi Mortezaie of Michael and Hushi fame (and back in the day Sears and Robot in Downtown NYC) and now-designer of Trash and Luxury. I met him at an Opening Ceremony party. He knew of me through a family friend. The next time we talked, on the phone, he mentioned my 70s look and "cam abroo" which in Persian translates to little eyebrow (little as in not a lot). We had discussed doing a fashion story that he'd style about Persian fashion/entertainment icon Googoosh. And he said something like I was looking a little Googoosh with my "cam abroo". Very big compliment as Googoosh was amazing in the 70s especially. 

 vintage Googoosh with "cam abroo"
(and some killer boots!)

A "cam abroo" can be fun. It's really easy to do, if you dare. A little bleach like Jolene and  awareness (i.e. do not go do anything where you'll forget you have bleach on your eyebrows). Especially if you have "virgin" brows, it can literally take seconds to lighten up. I'd say wipe and wash it off before it gets to the color you are wanting. It always looks darker when the bleach is on. As soon as you rinse it off, wash and dry, you'll see they've lightened quite a bit. REMOVE IT QUICKLY! And, if you're scared, get it done professionally. Don't forget to test and make sure you're OK with the bleach.  With a little practice, even you can get a little fresh with a "cam abroo".  ♡

images from style.com and Italian Vogue
image of Googoosh from my computer (it's been on there for at least 6 years)

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