How many times can I write I LOVE IT? ILOVEITILOVEITILOVEIT. I love it when a creator takes the time to do it right, when the details matter more than enough, when they are a part of the package and when things look a little different than the rest of the crowd...because all of that adds up to something new to our eyes and maybe our feet. Rochas designer du jour Marco Zanini has created one of the most gorgeous little collections I've seen recently. (I love and adore Olivier Theyskens, but I can't say I remember anything about the line when he had it.) What I love is how gorgeously on point the collection is, how the color combos go a little out there, how the girls are styled(especially the hair...that hair that looks like a little girl who played all day). And how the shoes are REALLY  odd looking compared to what's out there, but still fully wearable, which makes them even more right. They look a lot like my mother's heels from the 60s (which I'll post one day when she gets them out), with square toes and odd heels. Really MOD. I love the gilded heel on the shoes. This is a house that has a long history and I'm glad to see it so taken care of. Marcel Rochas designed glamorous gowns and created iconic fragrances that, even to this day, are sought after. The perfume aficionados out there prefer the old formula of fragrances like Femme found in old bottles to the new formula in the new bottles. The current collection reminds me a little of Benjamin's mother in The Graduate...and a little Jackie O. ♡

Yes, please...
Totally The Graduate
Yes Yes Please!
I love these flares with the shoe combo...which you will see below.

And look at the shoes!
I love the gilded heel and color combination.
I do love everything strange looking about these shoes.
Here's the metallic denim with the perfect heels.

These could be so vintage. A pair like this could make any bleh outfit stylee.
The adorable and stylish Marco Zanini
Fashion show at the House of Marcel Rochas
vintage design illustration by Rene Gruau for Marcel Rochas
Monsieur Rochas in his salon.
Hollywood starlette Ann Sheridan in 1944 wearing Marcel Rochas
a vintage bottle of the coveted Rochas Femme eau de parfum

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walt cessna said...

just caught up on 3 weeks worth of your blog today- SO CORRECT. But i must say this Rochas collection, especially the shoes makes me almost wanna start styling again xxW

montronix said...

you're so funny, walter....i'm glad you enjoyed it that much. :) this collection was a dream. true. and if i get one of these gigs i've interviewed for, you will be styling again because i'll be hiring you!