Greta Silva makes the loveliest accessories. Especially her flats, because everything at her boutique Après-Midi is handmade by her! She uses rare vintage bits and pieces, found here and there. I know a few designers who might find a great bolt of vintage fabric, but I've never seen anyone take some really old cherries from the 50s and use them on some homemade flats! 

I do love these flats, because unless it's 100 degrees outside and I'm in flip-flops, I tend to wear cute flats with my sloppy wear on a slow day. And these would be perfect. Especially the Circus flats! And, they're truly one-of-a-kind, which makes your sloppy outfit truly lovely. Without even trying. ♡

Cakes and doilies!

"Topolino Galles" and little red velvet mice

 Circus flats!

 the "Johdpur" blue cherry jelly flat

"Grigio" jelly flats with little petit-fours

images from  Après-Midi and Vogue Italia
ballerina flats available through http://www.apres-midi-milano.blogspot.com/

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